Insights. is just that – A website that provides supporting information about the marine life in the images displayed. Pictures with a story.


Every picture tells a story and part of that story is yours, deriving from your perception of and interaction with it. However another part is the background story – usually untold. Great images catch the eye. They are evocative and reach out to us creating an emotion that gives us a connection. But often, upon reflection, we are left wondering what else it could tell us because what we see is only a part of the story. Here at marine I’ll give you not only the foreground but the hidden part, the background as well, creating an Insight. I’ll feed the mind as well as the soul. Come aboard and share the journey with me.

David Mullins

I’ve been diving, photographing and studying all forms of marine life and their inter-relationships for forty years. In fact I bought my first underwater camera in 1970 and free dived with it until I commenced scuba diving. It was the very simple Nemrod Siluro with flash bulb attachment. I’ve certainly come a long way since then and shot countless photos using diverse types of cameras as they improved with technology. For quite a while my focus was entirely on finding and photographing as many marine creatures as possible. Eventually I wanted to know more about the creatures I was finding and now probably spend far more time researching facts than actually diving. Not that I’m diving any less.

Critter I/D

This site also supports the Critter I/D & Info Column in SportDiving Magazine. I am very honoured to follow in the footsteps of Neville Coleman in helping fellow divers in the identification of their critter finds. Here you will also find the Critter I/D Portal where your images and supporting information can be uploaded for identification.I am assisted with identifications and information by a number of highly regarded experts in various fields of marine biology.

Coleman Legacy Initiative

NevilleColemanThis website endorses The Coleman Legacy Initiative (CLI) established to preserve and develop the late Neville Coleman’s life’s work, a remarkable collection of marine life images, for the education of future generations.