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Only one critter per inquiry please, if you have two or more, resubmit another form. Please ensure you supply information for every field before submitting.

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  1. Please attach your photo & supply information about it here. If you think it will assist in identification you may attach up to 3 images of the subject. (Please only send clearly recognisable subjects in high quality photographs (Images must be no larger than 5MB each). Out-of-focus or low-res images can’t be printed. Images must be uploaded in jpg format. Please do not resize or adjust images)
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Agreement concerning image use:
  1. By uploading and forwarding these images to Critter I/D you agree to the use of the images on this website and agree to SportDiving Magazine publishing them, if selected, within the Critter I/D Column. You also acknowledge that you are the photographer or if not, have permission from the photographer to publish these images.

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