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  • The spectacular Bubble Shell Hydatina physis MAGNIFICENCE IN THE MUCK

    The flamboyant and spectacular Bubble Shell Hydatina physis is a primitive sea slug that hunts tube worms.

  • Asterophilia carlae a polychaete scale worm lives a symbiotic lifestyle underneath sea stars LIFE AMONGST THE STARS

    Asterophilia carlae is a symbiotic scale worm living on the underside of sea stars.

  • Cuspivolva platysia GORGING ON GORGONIANS

    The allied cowrie Cuspivolva platysia on its obligate host, an Euplexaura species of gorgonian soft coral.

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    One of your favourite regular features in SportDiving Magazine is back, but in a new format. With a desire to carry on Neville Coleman’s wonderful